EVLIN is an 8-year-old girl who escaped with her family from their village in Kobane, Syria in September 2014, fleeing the terror of the militant Islamic State (ISIS). She now lives in an overcrowded refugee camp on the edge of the Turkish-Syrian border, so close that you could still hear the explosions. Evlin joins the adults who pray and sing on the border, watching the smoke rise above their beloved Kobane.

Resistance is Life, or "Berxwedan Jiyane" in Kurdish, is the motto of the spirit in which the people of Kobane persist through months of devastating attacks. Embodying that spirit, Evlin takes us on a journey that introduces the many different faces of this resistance and their heart-wrenching stories.

Her family tells us about their escape from terror. They are just a few of the thousands who crossed into Turkey to escape from an enemy that is notorious for enslaving women and beheading children.

In the face of such an assault on humanity, volunteers from across the globe have come to the Turkish-Syrian border to support the refugees and some even cross into Kobane to join the Kurdish guerrilla forces. The female fighters of Kobane become Evlin's heroes as they bear arms in the name of women’s rights against the tyranny of ISIS.

The film documents the many faces of the resistance over the course of 8 months on both sides of the Turkish-Syrian border and provides an inside look at the extraordinary spirit behind the first major victory against ISIS militants.